Plugin to display a contact in obsidian?

Just wondering if there are any plugins to display a contact in obsidian or to import a vcf file etc.


Do you mean: apppro123/contacts-obsidian: manage contacts in obsidian (

OR adifyr/obsidian-chat-view: An elegant chat view for Obsidian pages. (

I would be interested in something like this too. I have a separate vault to keep notes about my business contacts in Obsidian and I use tags to look them up and it would be really useful to show contact info from my address book.

I store my contacts with Fastmail which has CardDAV, but a simple solution would be to export all contacts into a single .vcf via MacOS’ Contacts and put that into the vault directory. That way, a plugin could show the appropriate contact when I open a file with a contact’s name.