Plugin to convert .md --> Word .docx


I need some advice or tips how to convert notes (.md) to a Word document.

Plugin: Pandoc

  • Installed the plugin in Obsidian
  • Installed locally: Pandoc - Installing pandoc
  • In the settings of the plugin filled the next following path:‘‘Pandoc Plugin’’ Pandoc path ‘‘C:\Program Files\Pandoc\pandoc.exe’’
  • In the settings of the plugin filled the next following path:‘‘Pandoc Plugin’’ Export Folder ‘‘C:\temp’’

The settings of the plugin are correctly filled in.

I’ll get an error message when exporting the note to Word (.docx) (Ctrl + P ) → ''Pandoc Plugin: Export as Word Document (docx)

Error message:
Pandoc export failed: pandoc.exe: xxxxxx\Pasted image 20230425122627.png: with binary file: does not exist (No such file or directory)

I think it is because the picture files are in a sub-directory, and the plugin does not pass the correct path to Pandoc.
With a blanc, normal note and paste the picture and trying to convert the note (.md) to a Word document it works.

But when I put that same .png picture in a subfolder, then it doesn’t work anymore… So how to fix this issue?

Or is there any other Word plugin to convert the .md?

Github link:

I’ve made quite a few tests and, for the moment, haven’t found anything 100 % satisfactory. The closest to perfection I got is by using Typora — who, by the way, uses Pandoc… You may have to “standardise” the links to images beforehand, but there are plugins for that. In my experience, the most idiosyncratic part of Obsidian Markdown is the ^[] syntax for footnotes.

In the end of the day, I’m waiting eagerly for an official way to export notes by our dear Obsidian authors. I keep checking the roadmap and I’m always disappointed to see that “export to standard Markdown” sticks to the Long-term column. It must be because it’s a far for trivial task.

My two cents…

Can Typora convert text to .docx format?

It imports and exports quite a few formats.

Which plugin do you use to ‘‘standardise’’ the images link?

Which plugin are we talking here about?
If I search for Typora community plugin, I see no plugins for it…

Please guide me in this one…

Typora isn’t a plugin, it’s a separate program.

Link converter

And about

IMHO, Typora is the best editor for tables. It has excellent export capabilities through Pandoc, which it is capable of installing. Add a few more nice and well implemented features and, in the end of the day, it’s the most useful Markdown editor for me and I use it regularly as an external editor for Obsidian. The combination “Obsidian + Typora” is absolutely awesome.


Hi ,

Thanks for your comment, I didn’t know that was a different tooling to use, I will look in to it.

Could you post a new link about your ‘’ Link Converter ‘’ seems doesn’t to work, when pressing it…

Can also export to other documents file as Word etc? with pictures?

Waiting for your reply

Here’s Typora’s export submenu:
CleanShot 2023-05-02@22h33m41

Why don’t you give the free trial a try ?

About the “Link Converter” link : sorry it doesn’t work because it’s an Obsidian link. Just look for the plugin in the “Community Plugins” interface.

Hi OlivierPS,

I need to look in the Community Plugins, to Obsidian Link Converter?
What can I do with it? Could you guide me in that, or tell me detailed what I can do with this?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Settings
  2. Community plugins
  3. Browse
  4. Look for “link converter”
  5. Install it
  6. Enable it
  7. (configure it if you want)
  8. Test it

Hi OlivierPS,

Thanks, I downloaded the ‘‘Link Converter’’ plugin for Obsidian.
Now what?
What should I do right now? If I wanna export it to Docx still get error:

Hi Hipo,

I’m not a programmer nor a software engineer. So, I won’t be able to help you debug a Pandoc installation.

However, if I read correctly your screenshot, Pandoc says explicitly that it didn’t find a certain file. What about this ? Did you try to do something about it ? Just a hint : I see that the filename seems to comprise some “white space” cahracter. Many plugins do not like this. Try replacing the “spaces” with hyphens - or underscores _.

My two cents.

Hi @OlivierPS ,

Sorry from the late response.

It can make a file docxs. When I make a screenshot with Greenshot and paste it in Obsidian and that the .png file not listed in a directory. This step is crucial, otherwise it cannot find the .png file.

So when the .png file in the root (non folder listed) then I CAN export a .DOCXS file, but when place the .png file in a subfolder (pngfolder) then it gives the Pandoc Export error = failed: pandoc.exe
C:\Users\AygulKorkmazlar\Documents\Github\Workvault\Pasted Image 20230xxxxxx.png:WithBinaryfile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

So this is clearly that Pandoc plugin can not find the picture when the picture (.pngfile) in a subfolder.
Also I checked in the settings of the plugin Pandoc Plugin no such any kind of settings that it needs to search to a specific image in a nestled folder, instead of ;looking for a picture in the root folder.

Hope this make sense and can fix this bug/issue.
Still not being fixed.

You have to specify the resource-path, either as an extra argument in the Pandoc plugin settings, or in a defaults file, where you specify the resource path and other settings (like CSL, filters etc.).

If you use a defaults file, you pass that as an extra argument in the Pandoc plugin settings: --defaults file.yaml.

Also, you need to use Link converter to actually convert the wikilinks to standard markdown links.


which plugin is best for converting the file

Which plugin is best for converting the file?

The Enhancing Export plugin, as an interface for Pandoc.