Plugin to connect more to Apples Ecosystem


Want to ask all of you if there is any interest in a plugin that connects to the Apple Ecosystem. Here are some use-case examples:

  • create a Reminder for Apple Reminders or sync your tasks with Obsidian
  • create a Calendar entry right from Obsidian
  • link & open a Contact
  • connection with Apple Health to sync data like weight, etc…
  • sync with Apple Notes (for example: use Apple Notes for fleeting notes that are synced with obsidian)
  • integrate Apple Podcasts to take notes on Podcast
  • Apple Books Highlight sync
  • deeper support for focus modes
  • Add products from a Cooking-receipt to Apple Reminders

if anyone were interested in such a plugin, I would agree to code this plugin.

That sounds like a tall order. Apple is very ecosystem-unfriendly

It might be possible via a Helper Shortcut or a Companion App that works with Apple’s Kits/frameworks