Plugin to connect more to Apples Ecosystem


Want to ask all of you if there is any interest in a plugin that connects to the Apple Ecosystem. Here are some use-case examples:

  • create a Reminder for Apple Reminders or sync your tasks with Obsidian
  • create a Calendar entry right from Obsidian
  • link & open a Contact
  • connection with Apple Health to sync data like weight, etc…
  • sync with Apple Notes (for example: use Apple Notes for fleeting notes that are synced with obsidian)
  • integrate Apple Podcasts to take notes on Podcast
  • Apple Books Highlight sync
  • deeper support for focus modes
  • Add products from a Cooking-receipt to Apple Reminders

if anyone were interested in such a plugin, I would agree to code this plugin.

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That sounds like a tall order. Apple is very ecosystem-unfriendly

It might be possible via a Helper Shortcut or a Companion App that works with Apple’s Kits/frameworks

I would be interested in this plugin as I prefer using Obsidian but find Obsidian not as helpful on my iPhone … also with the new updates to reminders, it would be nice to have Apple Reminders as my centralized task manager.

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Okay, I’m working at this time on a Solution… I’m going the way that I build a helper Shortcut for Apple Shortcuts the ground principles are working but now I’m working on something like Indexing the notes and making the plugin for Obsidian that runs the shortcut…

There is a Shortcut Launcher community plugin that may get you going for now.

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Hello, fellow dev! I wrote Actions for Obsidian which is approaching the problem from the other side, have you seen it yet?

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