Plugin to assign a tag to multiple files

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I searched for a way to tag multiple files with a tag in one go and I found the forum thread Assign tag to multiple files.

So from my understanding multi-tagging is not possible in core Obsidian. – Is there an Obsidian plugin available for multi-tagging? Maybe by converting a folder into a tag?(*)

(The VSC solution looks cumbersome to me).

(*): From an organisational perspective folders are just specialised tags, I’d say.

I don’t know of one offhand, but try searching “tag” in Settings > Community plugins > Browse.

Thanks @CawlinTeffid. Very helpful suggestion!

I had a look in the community plugins – and I found something like the opposite (vrtmrz/obsidian-tagfolder), but no plugin which adds tags to selected files or files in a folder.

Maybe I have “tomatoes on my eyes”? Does anybody use a plugin in for tagging multiple files?

I can see how it would be useful, but it’s not something I would do very often (maybe surfing an occasional reorganization).

You might look at the QuickAdd or Templater community plugins. There may be a way to say, “When I make a note in this folder, use this template (which contains a tag)”.

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