Plugin that lets Folded Headings to be Remembered by Obsidian


If in the future, if someone made a plugin that allowed Obsidian or the vault to remember how headings/indents are folded, even when you leave the note, I would be most grateful.


I’m a new user to Obsidian, and have been content with all the features and plugins Obsidian has had to offer users now, and into the future.

Everything from the custom themes, CSS formats, and plugins I just really enjoy.

The way the application intrinsically works by just editing and using local markdown files in a vault almost fascinates me.

However, the one issue I have with Obsidian is the way it resets all my folds!

After creating a long, or even short, document I like to fold the headings and bullet points in the note to clean it up. It makes the text look nicer, and lets me control which information I would like to hide or show in a hierarchical way. This is wonderful-- until you click off the note. As soon as you return to your masterpiece, (pause for exaggeration), you’ll find that the entire document, (as well as its pictures and links), have spilled out onto the page.

I find this very frustrating.

I am aware of the hotkeys you can use to fold or unfold all your indents/headings-- which I use often. Yet they do not allow me to preserve the folds of a document in the way I like. It’s a pain to see all the information of a document at once, just as it is to see none of it.

After mulling over this issue, the only way I can see this issue being fixed would require a new plugin or feature of Obsidian that allows the history of a document to be remembered. Perhaps in the format of a .json file in the hidden .obsidian folder.

The goal of this plugin would be for it to be able to remember the way a document is folded (even if its only seen this way in Obsidian), and perhaps a version history of the note as a bonus.

This likely isn’t an issue many other users share, as after searches on Google, Reddit, as well as the Obsidian app and forums, I haven’t been able to find a similar post or thread relating to my issue. But I thought I’d mention it any way in the hope I’m missing something, or this has an easy fix.

P.S. Thank you to the developers of Obsidian and its plugins for their activity in the community and continued support of users. I have been intrigued to see all the interesting posts and ideas on these forums.

This is already implemented in 0.11.x

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