Plugin that creates links if note-title already exist

Hello everyone,

Is there an existing plugin that can automatically create a link if the note already exists?

For instance, let’s say I have a note in my vault titled “tomato.” Now, while writing another note about permaculture, if I mention “tomato” within my note, I would like the plugin to generate a link between the word [[tomato]] and the note titled ‘tomato.’

Please let me know if there’s a plugin capable of this functionality.

Thank you

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The dataview plugin will do the trick. It works like the SQL language but is not as complicated. You can find it in the community plugins. You can make the query so that it outputs a list, a table, or even a task checklist. It relies on a note’s frontmatter and automatically updates if a new note is created or deleted.
A basic dataview query looks like this:

table name
from "folder name"
where <conditions>
sort < | or frontmatter>  <asc|dec>

It’s a very useful plugin, I use it myself in all of my vaults, it’s a lot easier than manually creating a table or list of links. There are also a plethora of YouTube videos showing how to use the plugin.

Thank you Ikeman32, I’m going to try your solution! I will let you know if I can get something right

I would recommend taking a look at the Various Complements plugin, I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for

No problem, if you need help with the syntax just post what you got and I or someone else can help you debug it. If that doesn’t work for you then you might give mr_abomination’s suggestion a try.

I’m looking for a similar feature.
To use the same example, i’ve got this note: ‘Tomato is a good vegetable’
I have in my vault a note named “tomato” and anoter “vegetable”. I’m looking for a plugin with a switch on/off. When the plugin doesn’t work, nothing happens. When I trigger the plugin, it will look on the active note for words matching with other note’s title and change them to link.

Have you got a plugin in mind that will fit?

Thank you,

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