Plugin search on pure and augmented markdown vs. YAML vs. CSS indicator

Use case or problem

I would like to create a vault that relies as much as possible on markdown files, and pure or augmented but still readable markdown, or if not easy-to-read YAML, and as little as possible on dynamically created content based on hard-to-read garble (aka Dataview, although the author(s) have my respect) that do not appear on the markdown, but have to be processed by a plugin to be readable.

However it take some searching to find plugins that support this philosophy vs. not.

Proposed solution

Could you add toggle for “pure markdown output”, “interpreted YAML”, “CSS-reliant”, and dynamic content?

Could you show "the pure markdown, or augmented markdown versions of this are

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I have to read all and try stuff to find alternatives…