Plugin reverts to older version after restarting Obsidian


I maintain the plugin code-files, and even though the latest version on Github is 1.1.5, the plugin reverts itself to 1.0.1 everytime I restart Obsidian. I’m not sure if this is an issue with my vault or my plugin setup, but since this is the only plugin, I assume it’s something with the plugin setup.
What I don’t get is that it seems to find the latest version, it offers to upgrade the plugin after all if I search for new plugin versions, and the upgrade is also successfull, but for some reason it reverts after the next restart afterwards.


This is the latest release version: Release 1.1.5 · lukasbach/obsidian-code-files · GitHub

It is tagged with the git tag “1.1.5”, and contains this “manifest.json” as release asset:

	"id": "code-files",
	"name": "Code Files",
	"version": "1.1.5",
	"minAppVersion": "0.15.0",
	"description": "Edit Code Files in Obsidian with VSCode's powerful Monaco Editor",
	"author": "Lukas Bach",
	"authorUrl": "",
	"fundingUrl": "",
	"isDesktopOnly": true

Does anyone see something that could be the reason for this issue? Thanks in advance!

I don’t see any problems in my vaults. Maybe it can be due to something in your vault, not the plugin.

For example, make sure you don’t have multiple folders for a single plugin, like .obsidian/plugins/code-files (installed from within Obsidian) and .obsidian/plugins/obsidian-code-files (cloned from GitHub).

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@ush Aha yes that was in fact it! I guess I still had the repo of the plugin in my vault, and when I eventually moved development out of it and installed it seperately, I forgot to remove the repo from there. Thank you very much!

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