Plugin Release: Smart Second Brain - Local AI Assistant

After many months of work, we think our plugin has reached a state where we can proudly announce and share it with you. We call it your “Smart Second Brain” (S2B).

Smart Second Brain (S2B) offers a LOCAL AI Assistant for your Obsidian vault.

With S2B you can interact with your notes and query your knowledge. And all of that is completely local and offline. Leveraging our AI assistant turns your Obsidian vault into a smart second brain.


  • Chat with your Notes and get links to your Notes where the knowledge was taken from
    Example query: “Please summarise my notes from my uni course on AI”

  • Choose ANY preferred Large Language Model (LLM) and quickly and comfortably switch between LLMs to adapt to different tasks
    Use local LLMs or OpenAI’s ChatGPT

This is your chance to trust AI with your sensitive data and leverage its capabilities on your Obsidian notes without having to use third-party services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

If you want to stay up to date on our last change logs and future features we invite you to look at our GitHub repo.

Download the plugin here!


Is the plugin on the store yet? And your download link is broken.

Yes, it is in the store already. Here is the correct link Plugins - Obsidian


It‘s a great Plugin, thank you! Is there no way to make it work on a 12.9 iPad? 12.9 should be big enough to allow the UI to work, no? This would be really cool.

Sorry, could not get it to work. It spends quite a time for indexing yet remains absolutely ignorant about my local vault contents. Also, it is so stubborn when it comes to the critique of its responses :frowning:

运行 Smart Second Brain 失败 (Error ,Error:
User query is too long or a single document
was longer than the context length (should not
happen as we split documents by length in
post processing))。 请重试。