Plugin: Perilous Writing. Write continuously or lose all progress


I’ve found Manu Ebert’s The Most Dangerous Writing App to be a useful tool for encouraging writing progress by combatting the instinct to prematurely edit. Quoting Wikipedia:

The Most Dangerous Writing App is a web application for free writing that combats writer’s block by deleting all progress if the user stops typing for five seconds. It is targeted at creative writers who want to write first drafts without worrying about editing or formatting.

However, I found the website-only form factor to be constraining, so I wrote an Obsidian plugin which does the same thing: Perilous Writing.

It’s been accepted into the Community Plugins directory, so search for “perilous writing” to install. There’s also some brief usage documentation (and screenshots) in the project’s README.

How does it compare to the Dangerzone Writing plugin?