Plugin: Obsidian HTML Server

TL.DR. Here is the plugin: html-server

Tell me if you have been in this situation before:

You created and/or edited a note and wanted to share it with someone from your home/office/world but noticed that exporting to PDF and sending it to them just wasn’t convenient enough.

  • What if you need to make another edit after you already sent the file.
  • What about all your great customizations you have that don’t translate nicely to a pdf document.
  • What about all your file or url references that you can simply click to open.

Being a software developer, and very much into reverse engineering, I decided to create a new plugin to ‘host’ your vault as an html server. It takes advantage of Obsidian’s markdown renderer (all your plugins included) to be able to see all your notes via any web browser. You just need to install the plugin, set up a port and share your IP/hostname to anybody on your network.

Please check it out, If anything isn’t working as expected please let me know submitting a new issue here, and if it helps you in anyway I wouldn’t mind some github stars

FYI. Some of the things that are already planned:

  • Improved interactivity, like the ability to collapse sections as in Obsidian.
  • Custom template variables populated from the notes metadata.