Plugin-loading profiler appears to give erroneous time for first plugin

Steps to reproduce

I’m using Android-- may apply on other platforms? But, turn on the profiling option that shows you how long each plugin takes to load.

Close Obsidian.

Launch Obsidian.

Wait for the plugins to load and be presented with the report of how long each plugin took to load.

Look at the greatest offender plugin, and also notice what the next plugins are with their load times.

Go in and disable the plugin with the greatest load time.

Close Obsidian.

Open Obsidian.

Notice, this time, the report comes up, but now report a different grossly-offending plugin, showing a time similar to the previous worst-offender-- often an addition of some 15 seconds or so.

Expected result

I’d get a correct list of load times for each plugin that would, obviously, reflect only the load time of the plugin.

Actual result

No matter what plugins are enabled/disabled, the first plugin reported will show a long load time (15 seconds or more), even if that same plugin had reported a short load time previously.


  • Operating system: Windows 10, 19044
  • Debug info: (I’m writing this on a desktop, but the issue occurs on mobile)

Additional information