Plugin: Index Checker - unopinionated MOC / index maintainer (canvas index support!)

hi, everyone! Index Checker Plugin has been around for a few months, but only now i got myself to posting here :joy:

Below are some bits from the readme (i don’t think i can write it better somehow):


Although there’re a few community plugins for maintaining indexes, most of them enforce rigid structure (user defined in best cases) for all index files. What I was looking for is a more flexible solution that will simply check if all links are in place (and no files are “lost”), while allowing users to organize each of their index files in whatever way they prefer (and change it whenever they want!). Additionally, it should facilitate the addition of missing links to index files. Here’s my solution to the problem, try it out :slight_smile:

How it works

  • Define which files in your Vault are Index(MOC) files.

Both Notes(.md) and Canvas files are supported. Simply specify how those files are named. Example patterns could be “index”, “MOC”, “[FOLDER]”, “_[FOLDER]” etc, where [FOLDER] stands for containing folder('s) name.

  • Then specify which files in the folder should be linked in an index.

Currently there’re three options: a) all files in the same folder. b) all files in the folder and all files in subfolders. c) all files in the folder and files in subfolders but only if those subfolders don’t have their own indexes.

  • Plugin checks if all index(MOC) files contain all links they should contain!

Check-up could be triggered manually or performed every time a vault is opened.

  • Then it adds missing links either to Index file or to a dedicated file (optionally).

So that later they can be moved to their proper places inside index. For .md files you can customize formatting of those links. For canvas indexes - things like position, dimensions and grouping of cards.

  • Also files that had missing links are marked in file explorer.

Those marks persist until file is modified (for index files) or cleared of any links (for dedicated “missing links” file).

It’ll be great to hear what extra features will be useful for you, or even make plugin viable for you at all.
Also, if you encounter a bug, please write here of better open an issue (github link below), i’ll really fix it asap and all you’ll have to do is update the plugin.

Repo page is Feel free to check it out or open a ticket.