[Plugin Idea/Extension] Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Planner

I like using daily notes with the calendar, periodic notes and rollover daily tasks plugins, but its hard to keep an overview over a longer period of time. without switching between notes. I think it might be very useful to have one note that has links or previews of all daily notes for a certain amount of time, e.g., a year, month or week.
For example the Jan 2022 Note would link to all 31 daily notes in order so one could see what events, tasks etc. took place. If this feature or something similar is already implemented somewhere I please let me know, too.

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Oh, there are many of these. Just use the search function because it depends what you need. There are templates for weekly, monthly and even yearly review. I’ve tried multiple of them back in the day but they were too complicated/cluttered for me.

Btw, you can make your own really easy. Just open a note and embed the daily notes in there. they are headings and you can quickly jump between them in the monthly note and you can also minimize them easily with the arrow next to the heading. If you are a heavy daily notes user you will probably benefit from this much more than I did. I tried it but I write infrequently in the daily notes (one note every other week) so my monthly overview had like 13 empty embedded notes/headings and one long one. I hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply Boris, I started embedding them manually at first but it feels too cumbersome after some time.
But looking at the Templater plugin and its scripting capabilities, that seems to be my best bet for now. Thank you.

After thinking about it some more, and trying to implement it with templates, I still believe this could be a good addon to the Calendar plugin. For example generating your monthly view when you click on the month, weekly when you click on the week number (if activated), etc. Maybe I’ll try to give it a shot soon.