Plugin HTML Tabs

Hi everyone,

I want to share with you the release of my first plugin : HTML Tabs. It allows the creation and rendering of Tabs and tab panels in your notes as shown below:

HTML Tabs Demo

As of now (1.1.0), there is very little interaction between Obsidian and the content of the tabs. The only think working at the moment (released in version 1.1.0) are links (and backlinks) in tabs.

But, if there is a task in a tab and you check it, its status won’t persist if you switch to another tab and come back… And this task won’t be found by a query (datatview or tasks plugin). A heading on a tab won’t show in the note Outline either. A tag won’t show either.

Those will be the next features added to the plugin (I’ll start working on them as soon as my Covid fever will recede ).