Plugin Graveyard or dead plugins

I hope some people who can do something will respond.

At the moment it looks like a lot of sometimes important plugins are dead and no longer maintained. Templater is the best example, there are others which also which haven’t been updated for a long time and even have PR to fix issues.

A) what is the official stance of Obsidian about forking and keeping plugins alive? Especially how is the best way to replace the non working plugins which have a lot of downloads with a working version?
B) Are there volunteers to start forking those dead plugins (after trying to contact the developer etc) and keep them alive?

Please read this discussion:

The devs have not said much about this.

They are open to new maintainers opening pull requests to move the repo to a user that will maintain the plugin from that point onward.
Somebody needs to try to contact the original developer.

This has already happened with the Footnote Shortcut plugin, and will happen again soon with the Pandoc plugin(once a few issues have been fixed)

What makes you say that Templater is no longer maintained?
Looks quite active to me.