Plugin: gpgCrypt - encrypt your notes seamlessly using GnuPG

Hi all,

since existing plugins and methods for note encryption did not meet my requirements, I created gpgCrypt: a plugin leveraging OpenPGP.js or your local GPG setup to encrypt and decrypt your notes in a completely seamless manner.
All Obsidian functions can be used as usual, without reduced Markdown experience.

For those seeking more advanced security measures, integration with the local GnuPG installation enables the use of OpenPGP smartcards (e.g. with YubiKey or Nitrokey).


  • Asymmetric encryption with key pair
  • Seamless for maximum compatibility
  • OpenPGP smartcard support (e.g. with YubiKey, Nitrokey, …) over gpg CLI Wrapper
  • Configurable duration of remembering your password
  • Configure how encrypted notes should be handled by the file recovery core plugin.
  • Option to encrypt all notes
  • Enable/disable compression
  • Tested with Obsidian Sync
  • Status bar integration

More information at GitHub - tejado/obsidian-gpgCrypt: Seamlessly encrypts your notes using GPG. Supports smartcards for enhanced security! 🔒📝📎

gpgCrypt is available over Obsidian Plugins: Plugins - Obsidian

Looking forward to your feedback!

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