Plugin for Zettelkasten Prefix // Not a timecode


I don’t know if this is more a plugin Idea or feature but in any case, I started to implement the original Zettelkasten Prefix from Luhmann for my vault. That means no subdirectorys but a prefix in front of every note. This prefix would be for first layer just 1, 2, 3 and then subnotes 1.a, 1.b… and sub-sub notes 1.a01, 1.a02 and so on so that in the end you have kind of tree structure and Note prefixes like 1.u69b14z47. Until now you always have to type this out when doing an note. What would be great, would be a plugin that generates this for you. When you are working on a note now you have to possibilities to create a new note: a sub note or another note on the same level. So lets say you are writing in the note 1.a04 you have two possibilities: either you create a note 1.a05 or a sub-note 1.a04a. The Plugin would have to check the prefix of the current file and then generate the prefix for the new note. Would that be possible or is there a third-plugin that I do not know?


1+ for this.

+1 for this as well. I’ve been using this system manually for over a year and it definitely has its advantages.

My vision for the plugin lets the user first search existing notes to narrow down which “neighborhood” it should land in.

This process of searching and browsing existing notes has several added benefits. It reminds the user of how existing notes are organized, enhances peripheral vision, and reveals possible connections to the current note being inserted.

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The Breadcrumbs Plugin from @SkepticMystic solves this problem, thank you very much! Great Plugin!

Hi @chrissimeon could you develop a little bit (for dummies) how Breadcrumbs Plugin could do this? I gave a look at the plugin but it seems to me that it is more on the metadata side…can also name notes as you described above? Thanks!

+1 for this, was just finding a plugin for this.

I built an early prototype of how to display such notes. Feedback is welcome:

The idea is that dragging existing notes into the tree will automatically add a Luhmann ID. Dragging a note to a new location updates the Luhmann ID as well.

Note: the note titles are randomly generated and don’t make sense. I just needed a random phrase that resembled the length of typical note titles.

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