Plugin for tracking streaks

It’d be nice to have a plugin that automatically tracks the number of days/weeks that we were able to maintain a habit and writes it in the daily note, possibly under a pre-defined header and in a pre-defined format. For example, in today’s daily note 2022-01-25, I could write two streaks like this:


  • Jogging: day 1
  • No sugar: day 2

The plugin would automatically add 1 to the previous daily note’s streak, under the header Streaks of tomorrow’s daily note:

Note: 2022-01-26


  • Jogging: day 2
  • No sugar: day 3

Obsidian tracker is pretty comprehensive

I second this. My current (not-ideal) fix is using embedded notes. Example:


Current_Streak:: 20 (last updated: [[2022.01.21]])
Longest_Streak:: 42 (last updated: [[2021.07.03]]) 



It’s not great, and has to be manually maintained, but it’s simple and works.

Ideally, the plugin would allow for quick and easy +1 of a streak. I bet something can be put together with MetaEdit. I’ve been meaning to tinker, but have yet to do so.

It doesn’t do what I’m asking :sweat_smile: