Plugin for prefixing same notes names

Hi I thought of plugin to add prefix (or suffix) for local files so it doesn’t break the idea of uniqueness in filesystem… but in Obsidian this prefix would not be shown so we could have many files with same name. I have Zettelkasten data management so all files are in one directory but I have many similar topic. Example below wouldn’t allow me for file name “Visited” used twice (Travel is MOC file aggregating all stuff connected to traveling)

Travel -> CountryA -> Visited
Travel -> CountryB -> Visited

And with such plugin file system would look like this

{randomUUID-1}-Travel -> {randomUUID-2}-CountryA -> {randomUUID-4}-Visited
{randomUUID-1}-Travel -> {randomUUID-3}-CountryB -> {randomUUID-5}-Visited

But in UI it’d be visible like normally

Travel -> CountryA -> Visited
Travel -> CountryB -> Visited

As I can’t edit post…

There might be question “so how I’d know something is what I look for”?

I mean breadcrumbs when opening file (cmd + o) shows logic path to file

I use QuickAdd to do the same basically. I add the date to my ToDo files YYYYMMDD and then appended by a description I type in. In Dataview queries I remove the first 9 characters, so I don’t see it anywhere.