Plugin for web annotation

It would be amazing if someone could make hypothesis and Obsidian work together.

I use it to highlight and comment in online libraries and would love to feed my annotations directly to Obsidian.

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Hey! i’ve seen it being discussed here

I’ve started writing some code here.

Keen to discuss ideas further

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While the wizards work on something better, I’ve followed the setup from this thread to pipe my annotations through IFTTT.
My annotations are automatically sent to Google Drive, Tick Tick, and email - the free IFTTT tier gives three integrations, so I’m using them all to try out different things until I settle on one.
If my vault were in Drive or OneNote, things would be totally frictionless.

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I have a command line tool for bulk tagging and generating a customizable (also Obsidian-style) knowledge base out of annotations. There’s a forum post on making it into a plugin too but I haven’t really had a chance to look into that yet.