Plugin for highlight line in code?


It is an available plugin for highlighting selected lines in code,
for example from tailwind documentation:

I too would like a line highlighter, this could be an easy plugin if I’m not mistakened. Wonder if it already exists?

You can do this with an CSS snippet:

/*for legacy editor*/
  background-color: #468eeb33;

/*for live preview mode*/{
  background-color: #468eeb33;

I using better code block plug-in, but is not working.
I have version 0.15.9 (installer 0.14.15) on my macbook m1 max, this is setup:

And markdown code effects:

What is wrong?

ok, its working, but only in reading view, it is possible working also in editing mode?

You mean, something like this? :slight_smile:

I’m working on it.