Plugin for flashcards & note-level spaced repetition all inside Obsidian

Just released version 1.5.0!


  • Nested decks (using Obsidian’s hierarchical tags or folder structure):
    Screenshot from 2021-06-05 19-28-24

QoL improvements:

  • Load balancing which helps maintain a consistent number of reviews from one day to another
  • Boosting cards that are recalled correctly after long periods of no study

Bug fixes:

  • Better support for images sourced directly from the web

Just released version 1.5.7!

QoL improvements:

  • Ability to randomize cards order
  • Resize images to fit to modal size or to match the user specified size
  • Per deck total number of cards

Bug fixes:

  • Properly handle nonexistent images during rendering
  • Include card in only one deck (for those who use tags)

Love your plugin! I struggled with choosing between Remnote, Anki & Notability but Obsidian + your plugin seems like the perfect solution :smiley:

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Can you say more about how to use the folder structure instead of tags? I would like to create an “inbox” folder and have all new files set to “review” automatically that day (or tomorrow), without having to tag them. Is that possible?

Currently, the folder structure is only available for the flashcards. I’ll update the plugin to cover your use case.

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can I use this plugin as reminder? like editing date of sr-due for reminding note on specific date that I like?

Hmm, interesting. Yes, you can modify the date as you like & the note will show up on that date.

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thank you very much.
I think a hotkey for excluding card from queue and and another for suspending card would be very useful ( I don’t use review option-panel like anki because I think benefit of this plugin is to reviewing from hotkeys with access to the local graph for better mind connection )

is it possible to write this image in one line? or end of note?

Thank you for your effort in creating this plugin! Just a couple of questions/comments:

  • Would it be possible for intervals to be more customizable, and for them to be shorter than one day?
  • Links currently do not work. My computer gives me a message telling me I need to open the links in a new app. Would it be possible to make links work while keeping the flashcard visible? An idea for this would be to make the background behind the flashcard not darken and allow the position of the card to be more towards the top left (instead of the center of the screen), so that any opened links could open in panes on the right and be visible.

Thanks again for your hard work in creating this plugin!

It’d be much easier if you’d open an issue for better tracking of this on the Git repo.

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Not really, it uses Obsidian’s YAML which I think must always be at the start of the line. I’ll have to check if YAML can be written in one line and be parsed correctly.

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Currently, no, but it’s on the roadmap.

The issue mostly lies with the API Obsidian provides: as far as I am aware, it doesn’t currently support links. You could open an issue on the Git repo for better tracking & update when I work out a workaround or when Obsidian provides a better API.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve opened an issue on the Git repo.

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First, off, this plugin is awesome. I was looking at various spaced repetition apps and then found your plugin and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I filed an issue on Github about tags and convert to decks and subdecks. Would it be possible for convert to decks and subdecks to work only with notes that have the tag?

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Hey, sorry, I missed this :slightly_smiling_face:, please see my comment on the issue page.


I have been using this plugin for incremental writing and loving it.

I noticed one issue: If a note is due on a given day, and I don’t mark it as easy/good/hard, the note doesn’t get pushed to the next day, nor does it show up in the “New” category on the sidebar. Its due date remains the date in the past. Effectively, my note has disappeared from my writing calendar.

Of course, the workaround is to make sure I mark all notes at the end of the day, but inevitably there will be days when this isn’t possible. So is there a way to automatically push missed notes to the next day?

No problem, I have been slow too!

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Hey, so we’re working on multiple review queues, & we should be able to configure them to add this functionality. It’ll take a little while though. You could open an issue on the repo for better tracking.

Thanks! I just put the issue up, thanks for the advice. Multiple review queues would be a great feature, btw—it would be great, e.g., to easily focus on notes for a specific project or work vs. personal for a writing session.