Plugin for ASCII folder tree?

I want to ask about the existence / or the need for a plugin which generates an ASCII folder tree out of a list like that:

├── design-patterns-python
│   ├── LICENSE.txt
│   ├── Makefile
│   ├──
│   ├── requirements.txt
│   ├── setup.cfg
│   └── src
└── python-patterns
    ├── Makefile
    ├── patterns
    ├── requirements-dev.txt
    ├── setup.cfg
    ├── tests
    └── tox.ini

To make things clear: its not that the contents of a vault folder should be shown. This is simply for documentation purposes to write down how a folder should look like.

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

The PlantUML plugin supports plantuml-ascii to render ascii diagrams.
PlantUML also supports a Work Breakdown Structure (wbs) diagram that is a tree but I have never tried to play with the formatting options to make it look like a folder structure.

A basic starting point after installing the plugin might be

+_ Top
++_ Child
++_ Sibling
+++_ Grandchild
++_ Next Sibling
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