Plugin: Footlinks

Hello, this is a helper plugin I’m working on these days. I got the idea from this twitter post and found it super useful when typing in edit mode with lots of urls, as is shown below:

After refactoring the link structure, the doc becomes more readable:

You can either click on sidebar icon, or typing command Footlinks in command palette to restructure your current article, taking all your urls to footer part.

Download it by searching Footlinks in third-party plugins, and here is the GitHub repo. Feel free to request features & report bugs in the comment, or via GitHub issues!


I love footnotes and use them a lot. I have a big number of notes with a lot of URL links that I have been spending a lot of time on to convert them into inline footnotes.

What your plug-in does is cleaner, and a will save me a lot of time. Furthermore, when, after refactoring the link structure you add a new link, running the plug-in again will only pick up the new links and not touch the old, already refactored ones - very professional.

Many thanks for this plug-in.

Thanks for replying! As you said that you have a lot of links in your notes, refactoring them with this plugin one by one may cost time, too. I am going to add a feature that could globally scan notes and refactor them all immediately, which could save more time.

I still don’t know if there is a proper third-party api method could help to do that job, but I’ll try.

It will be added in the next new version if is developed successfully.


When I run the plug-in once on a note, all the URL-based links are refactored in 1 go, aren’t they?

A global scan feature would be really great.

Yes, the global one is my ideal solution ~

Daha, I just noticed something: after refactoring, the link to the external web page is still intact, it is just that the URL bit is in the footnote section. But when the refactored bit is embedded and transcluded as a block reference in another note (say note2), the link in note2 does not work anymore.

Oh, I haven’t take this situation into consideration. I will rethink this problem tomorrow. (sorry it’s midnight here…)

OK. If you read this before going to bed, sleep well !!
Talk to you tomorrow.

I hope you can resolve that issue.

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I had been looking for exactly that! Many thanks for this plugin.

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Hey, I check the problem today, and it seems that Obsidian doesn’t parse the whole original note while showing a block quote, so the single [some-text] is just a link text without url in this case. I think it’s a bug of app itself.

@Daha: OK, thanks for looking into it.

Hey, Thanks for the great plugin you made, it helps me a lot.

I know this plugin is dealing with links but not footnotes, but I think it would be more powerful if it can refactor inline footnotes as well. (Idk if this is reasonable or implementable)

Hope this pic will illustrate what I mean.

That be saying the footnotes are also some kind of links. Sometimes it is convenient to type the footnotes directly in the line, this probably reduce the readability though, so it would be great to move the inline footnotes to the bottom footnote part.



This is a great idea! I’ll add this feature in the next few days.

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Wow, that’s great to hear :laughing:, thanks a bunch!

I love this plugin! It might solve one of the biggest issues I have with clarity in my task/work related notes. Would it be possible to also allow other types of urls? I use the message:// url to refer my emails and file:// to refer files.

Sure, I will look into it tomorrow~

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@Daha - This is such a great plugin and it’s very useful when combined with the “Refactor Notes” plugin.
One question I have. Is there a way to create a header for the footlinks section? Right now I have Footlinks configured in my Refactor template and this is what the edit mode looks like:

In preview mode it looks like this:

I set footlinks to NOT have a divider but something is still generating one

currently, I have my template configured like this:

I frequently use obsidian://… links to tie together notes in different vaults. These links tend to be really long as they are padded with lots of 20%s for long path names.

Is it possible that Footlinks would move these links to the foot of the note? I can do this manually, and it works, so the plugin might be able to do this for us?

Has this stopped working? I came back to Obsidian recently, after an extended break. I tried the hotkey I have set up for this nothing happens. I did check for updates to the plugin and there were none.

The plugin page and above at the top of this post don’t really provide step-by-step instructions how to use this; only an image of what it should do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Same here, the repo hasn’t been touched in over a year, looks like it’s not being maintained. I was hoping someone here might have an alternative.

That said, the fact that the live preview view doesn’t recognize them as links does make them a lot less useful.