Plugin combination for plotting from csv file

What I’m trying to do


I would like to plot data from a csv file. These files are created from Excel or R.

Things I have tried

I tried loading a csv file with CSV Table, then use Chart to plot it. Example code such as below. Tried to give it an id using “^”. The Chart block then says “Couldn’t render Chart: There is no table at that id and/or file”. It is possible to load a table using CSV Table, gives it an id, and then make a chart from that table?

- time
- psl
source: CSV/test.csv

id: Table1
type: line
labels: [time]
  - title: psl
    data: []
tension: 0.2
width: 80%
labelColors: false
fill: false
beginAtZero: false

I looked at this page, Dataview Integration | Obsidian Charts, and it seems really complicated. I like the CSV Table, because its simple and the CSV files I’m working on ususally is already processed. Is there a way to intergrate CSV Table with Obsidian Charts?

Is there any other plugin or plugin combination that would allow me to make a simple plot from a csv fille?

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