Plugin Bounty

What if the Obsidian Community could offer up bounties for requested features in plugins? Great way to reward developers.


+1 for plugin bounties!

When someone implemented a feature I asked for, I donated, or also if a plugin is really useful to me.
I think the bounty concept is an interesting idea, but ideally people should donate themselves without the extra incentive.
Especially when you think about the fact that some people can afford more and others less, depending on where they live and their job/status. I’m not sure whether this wouldn’t lead to a situation where people with more disposable money get priority over those who can’t afford to pay these bounties.

If it was implemented in a manner that multiple people could pledge for one feature, just like people promote feature requests on this forum by adding their support, than it would be good, I guess.

In case I misunderstood something, just disregard this.

Yup it could lead to people with more disposable income getting higher priority for their features. But that’s life. Also, anyone is still free to write their own plugin, if they want. Anybody can chip in any amount, no matter how small. Plus, they can ask friends to chip in.

Bounties, attract more developers, which causes more innovation, which benefits everyone.


Anyone can do this if they want to. Roamjs is a plugin bounty platform where one developer creates free Javascript plugins for Roam. He works on everything but allows people to donate to shift the priority of the things that he is working on. It’s a great model. Everything ends up getting released for free.

If some people can bid more, at the end of the day they are just subsidizing the continued viability of producing plugins.


Some kind of quadratic funding setup would be incredible for that. It works really well within the Ethereum community.

I’ve never heard of quadratic funding before. Please tell us more.

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I had to google it myself and came up with this:


It’s basically a community oriented way to determine a fair allocation of resources.

  1. People donate what they want to whatever project/plugin they would like to see developed.

  2. All the donations are then matched by funds from a centralized treasury (usually donated from larger stakeholder).

The important thing to remember is that the donations are not matched 1 to 1. A formula is used to produce a fairer distribution than normal matching. Therefore, plugins that are requested by a lot of people with small donations receive more funds than plugins that receive a few large donations.