Plugin and android APP for data entry

Hello im a developer and i started using obsidian recently.
But i really like the tracking aspects that can have.
Currently i use 4 different android apps to do that

  1. Money manager
  2. Habit tracker
    3, Training app with weight and body measurements
  3. mood tracking

I know that obsidian can do all that but the data entry its not the best experience and most importantly doesn’t provide any quick add widgets as all the apps above.

So my idea is to create simple data entry app that can be configured to have different fields and provide quick home screen widgets
The app then will save this data to a CSV file in user specified folder in the vault and then we can query this data with dataview to add the statistics from the day in the daly/monthly and so on

What do you think is there a need for such app?

It seems to me that Obsidian itself is wrapped around markdown .md files.

Couldn’t you just write a really slick front-end Android app that just poops out .md files that I can then copy into my vault and manipulate however I like?

Just a thought. Does Obsidian even grok CSV files?

yes i have checked you can use CSV with dataview js
the simple MD file is also option but then you will have more manual steps that im tryng to avoid

as a whole how does this idea sounds?