Plugin - Add links to current note

This plugin was here for a while but didn’t have a dedicated topic on the forum.

I just did an update so decided to create a separate topic for discussions.

Why it was created?

Pretty often I need to connect both notes together. While backlinks are a good tool, it’s hard to control and work with them.

What it does?

It finds links to other notes in the line (or selection) and adds a link to the current note at the end of each of found notes.

How it works

Just focus on the line where you have links (or select links you need) and execute the command (“Add links to the current note: add links”).

Latest updates


  • Recognize MD and Wiki links from the line/selection
  • Add links based on your settings preference (Editor → Use [[Wiki links]]).
  • Add template setting option which allows customizing the way you place links

If you are taking FRs, a great feature would be to auto cross link all backlinks in this way!

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Thanks for the feature request. Should be not hard to add this.

Also, I think to add an ability to open a dropdown with files where to add a link.

Oh, I misunderstood the request. You want to cross link all files in the vault. I’m afraid it’s a little bit out of the scope for this concrete plugin. I would want to keep it simple and work only with active file.

That sound as an idea for a plugin which would work with the vault and not only the active file.


  • Added an ability to add a current note’s link to another note using quick switcher-like popup with fuzzy search

Hello, i’m trying to execute the plugin inside a Quick Add macro script. What is the syntax to “run the plugin command” to add a link to specific note by name?

add-link-from-quick-switcher - this might be what you looking for. But I’m not sure.