Plugin about rename “Pasted image” and update markdown files

I’m gonna write the plugin about this rename Pasted image issue. In the past Im using Snipaste save the image, copy the name and add the path manually.

Current feature I’m gonna have:

  • Pasted the image, auto rename and update (Easy)
  • follow user wish to rename (not clearly know about how to)

Any further ideas?

Start to write this about 5/28, hope to fish fist feature in 6/1 :wink:

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Some feature like this


2 ways to write this plugin:

  • monitor the DOM change, once the “Pasted images” detected, rename it and rename the file. But it waste a lot of compute and time.
  • monitor the Floder which saved the images. Detecte and rename the file, search all markdown file replace it or search current md file.

:cold_face: after 4 hours learning and watch the api, I found out just use the python script maybe much easier to finish. :joy_cat:

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