Plug to Allow You to Use Hot Key to navigate between sibling pages


What I’m trying to do

I am new to Obsidian, and eager to dig in. One thing I would like to see that I cannot seem to find in the forum or in the plug-ins I’ve searched is the ability to flip between notes, sibling notes in a folder, moving from note to note, as if paging through them. Is there such a plug-in or feature that I am missing?

Things I have tried

Searching forum and community plug-ins.

  1. There is on the command palette a built-in (core Obsidian) ‘Reveal current file in navigation’ command you can use. It will not open the file when navigating up and down the list of files, though. You can pin this command on the palette or bind a hotkey to it.
  2. Third-party QuickExplorer plugin: you need to install it. You can go to the next or previous file in the current folder and will open the note as well.
  • You can add hotkeys again to these QuickExplorer commands. I set up icons for this functionality in the Editing Toolbar plugin (you may have to add the QuickExplorer commands to a Commander (another useful plugin) macro to be able add them to the Editing Toolbar though; at least this was the workaround one had to go with in the past).

There’s another neat (core) way to navigate between files. In Settings > Appearance, switch the Windows frame style to Obsidian frame:

  • Then you can click on the current filename and navigate through the auto-scrolling list of files (bit tricky if you have a lot of files in the folder).

As for siblings, that’s a topic that doesn’t involve alphabetic ordering of files in folders but relationships you set up e.g. through the Breadcrumbs plugin or you can check out the ExcaliBrain plugin (both need to be installed through the Community plugins again) where you can set parent – child and other relations there (also useful with the Linked Data Vocabularies plugin).
These will involve setting up frontmatter keys and values. So the setup is more involved.

Thanks. A lot to dig into here. I’ll get to experimenting.

The QuickExplorer plug-in with the custom hot keys works PERFECTLY. Thanks so much.

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