Please vote for Dropbox Dash integration

Dash is a very fast search tool. I love it.
Please give the Obsidian integration a vote: Obsidian integration | Voters | Dropbox Dash

Dash: Dropbox Dash: Search Everything You Own

Hmm still beta waitlist to even try it

I would be extremely wary about giving a service like that access to so much of your private data.

Have a look at this news from yesterday:

To offer a service like that, Dropbox needs to read and index all of your data. It just depends how much you value convenience over the possibility of your data being extracted as part of an attack on Dropbox.

One of the reasons I use Obsidian rather than a hosted service like Notion is so that I can be certain that nobody else has access to my data.

I notice they don’t yet have any information on Dash security:

My immediate reaction exactly. This kind of app MUST be run locally on your machine. End of story.

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