Please undo: "Deleting a file now closes its tab"

As of v. 1.1.15 (1.1.10) the following “bug” was fixed:

Deleting a file now closes its tab if there are other tabs in the tab group.

However, in my opinion this wasn’t a bug at all but rather a matter of workflow. I desperately miss the old functionality, where it was possible to move backwards in the tab history after deleting a note. Now before deleting a note I have to make sure to open it in a seperate tab. Plus, in the tab with the history, I have to make sure the note to be deleted is not open, since the tab would be closed even if I delete the note from the seperate tab.

I propose fixing this either by:

  • adding a switch that lets users decide on the behavior
  • only closing the tab if there is no tab-history.

(I am using the Pane Relief Plugin, but my request concerns the new obsidian core behavior.)


Maybe a feature request?

Where shall I move it? To me it did not feel like a feature request either. I put it here, since it concerns a recent “bugfix”.

A mod can move it :+1:t3:
Bug reports really need to have the bug report template filled out to be considered.


I would like to echo this sentiment. I too have gone mad recently realizing that deleting a file in a tab, now closes that tab after I had a previous history I wanted to navigate. I’ve been searching for a few days on settings, options, plugins, something that could allow this behavior to be altered with no luck. Would really love to see this “feature/bug/option” be selectable in the settings perhaps?


Thanks for backing this, @1activegeek . It is still an issue in the new version 1.2.7 and it continues to slow down my workflow… any solution to this is much appreciated!


Indeed, an addition of an option to reintroduce that “bug” to the workflow would be much appreciated.

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I agree, and I don’t even understand the logic of the supposed “bug fix.” It’s a lot faster and easier to close a blank tab than it is to open a new one, move it to your preferred position (which you can’t even do on mobile), and then go looking for the files that were in the now-lost history of the automatically closed one.

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undone in 1.3.4

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Amazing, thank you very much.
I also like that the most recent file from the history is displayed directly after file deletion. This can speed up workflows.