Please support tags in graph view when using the paid Publish feature

Use case or problem

I just migrated my personal blog from Squarespace to Obsidian and am very excited about the result. When I publish my blog, everything looks great, but the graph view only shows small glimpse of a few direct links, whereas inside the Obsidian desktop client, I see the full graph of my knowledge web, which is - for historic reasons - largely built around tags.

The Graph View inside the Obsidian desktop software allows me to turn on Tags in graph view, and it shows this beautiful network of knowledge:

But inside my published blog all I see is this sad little graph, so it seems that the web version of the published site does not honor or support the Tags being turned on in Graph view:

Screenshot 2024-02-07 183253

Proposed solution

I would like to see the graph view for Published sites supporting the display of Tags as an option, as I have blog posts from 2007 until now that use tags and all of that web of knowledge cannot presently be displayed for visitors to my blog.