Please share your advice on adding notes to tasks

I have a list of tasks (and am using the tasks plugin as well).
Some of my tasks need extra information, paragraphs of explanation.
Some only need a few lines of info and some need only a couple sentences.
Some tasks need no explanation and are just one liners.

What are some elegant ways to append the information to the tasks that need it.

I have tried adding a simple indentation to the note portion under the task line

    here is a note of explanation

This allows me to hide the note by clicking on the carat on left of task.

but it is not elegant. When I have a paragraph or more of info, I really want a more elegant solution.


For more than 1 paragraph, I would put the full text in its own note and link to it from a summary in the task list.

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what is a summary?

I also have tasks which have notes with subtasks.

A summary is “A brief statement mentioning the main points of something.” summary - definition and meaning

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