Please restore the location of the Settings and Help buttons

Personally I strongly dislike the Ribbon, especially on small screens. I consider it a waste of valuable screen real estate. I prefer the left sidebar, because it contains heavily used search and navigation tools. But it seems that there are strong opinions the other way round.

A more configurable Ribbon on Desktop should make everybody happy. Settings and Vault Switcher could be just two more buttons that users could choose to hide or show.

I like the configurable toolbar on Mobile, because it make it easy to include buttons that I actually use and hide others. And I like that it provide a wide choice of options to choose from.

IMO, the Ribbon needs to be more flexible to be useful.


Can’t ribbon made to end just above the bottom bar, something like this?
This would give a consistent location for the settings icon as well.

Admittedly, the option for collapsed sidebar with no ribbon might still be an issue for those who want ultra minimalism


Just add them to the Ribbon with the Commander plugin, then drag them with your mouse to their original locations at the bottom.

I tested and it doesn’t work. With five icons you can change order but you cannot drag icons independently to any vertical position in the ribbon.

You need to use the CSS from @reaty above:

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Just like Edge browser’s sidebar settings, I think it’s very convenient to integrate the settings help and library switcher into the Ribbon.

Now instead of installing a bunch of plugins to achieve a simple original function.

Many users only have one library.
Many users prefer to use the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts.

Agree, that doesn’t make sense.

The Ribbon has been a central design element of Obsidian for a long time. Removing a frequently used function from the Ribbon needs a good justifcation.

Personally I loathe the Ribbon in Obsidian and the icon bar in Edge. They eat up screen space. They look ugly. They show an arbitrary list of icons that doesn’t make much sense to me. I can’t remember what icon does what, so I always have to hover with the mouse to find what I’m looking for. Ctrl+P is so much faster. I find Obsidian much nicer without the Ribbon.

Personally I love having the name of the current vault always visible in the navigation sidebar, because it provides context for all those navigation tools: navigate files and folders in this vault, search in this vault, bookmarks in this vault, …), tags in this vault, properties in this vault. Personally I lalso ove having Settings close to the vaults name, because they this vault’s settings.

But none of my personal preferences are in conflict with also having Setting, Help and Vault Switcher in the Ribbon. I wouldn’t mind if they are redundant, because this functionality is so elemental.

TLDR: I vote for having Settings, Help and Vault Switcher by default in both locations, the left Sidebar and the Ribbon.


Ah, I think you mean you want them all the way at the bottom of the ribbon, and not just at the bottom of the icons that reside there. There’s a Ribbon Divider plugin, but afaik none that add blank spacers you could use to push those two icons to the bottom.

I found this thread searching for a way to re-enable the vault switcher icon in the ribbon. The suggestion to install Commander really doesn’t work for me. I have a number of vaults, so I would have to go to every one of them, enable the community plugin, and then add the icon back to the ribbon.

It seems that a simple solution would be to add the Vault Switch, Settings and Help icons back to the icons available be shown or hidden in the Ribbon menu configuration. Even if they are hidden by default, that would be fine.

I very much appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in creating Obsidian. It’s a very valuable tool for me that I use every day. I understand wanting to make the UI more new user friendly, and more pleasant on smaller screens. Making the UI more inconvenient for users like myself who primarily use the mouse to navigate, and have plenty of screen real estate is puzzling. I hope the developers will consider re-adding the possibility to display settings, vaults and help on the ribbon as a setting.


I may be the odd man out here, but I use the right-hand side bar. Any reason that there couldn’t be a configuration setting that would give the option of placing the value switcher, help and settings icons into the right-hand side bar?


I agree with the user of this post, it would be nice to at least have the option. I tend to keep the sidebar closed and just use the shortcut to open pages directly, and it is an extra hurdle to access settings when this is the case.

I’m really grateful of the work of @reaty who made the Commander+CSS solution to restore the original location of the settings button. It’s not a coincidence that Obsidian gives us such customisation capabilities. They have worked really hard to establish the current plugin and CSS framework.

More options to explore. I prefer 2, because it’s similar to mobile and because Settings apply to the current vault.

  1. Settings and Help to in the sidebar drawer (Desktop 1.6.3):

  2. Remove Help from drawer (Mockup):

  3. Remove Help and Settings (Mockup):

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OK, following the discussion, it appears that opinions are quite diverse. Someone prefer mouse-click operations, while others are fans of keyboard shortcuts. Some are inclined towards using multiple libraries, and others prefer organizing with multiple folders.

So in the next version maybe we can make the settings, help, and vaults switcher buttons movable, just like the folder, search, and bookmark buttons. This would allow those who prefer using the Ribbon to place these buttons there, and those who favor having them on the sidebar to position them accordingly.
Just like this:

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