Please make links inactive on edit mode

There is no way to avoid clicking, when editing link name and url on mobile application. It’s terrible. Please disable links on edit mode, or design a user friendly way to edit a link on mobile device.

Also there is no way to copy the link. The default context menu has been overridden and there is no copy button on the new context menu.

If you place the cursor right next to the link, it will become editable (the brackets appear and you can click it). Or you can change the editor to Source Mode. Edit and preview Markdown - Obsidian Help

I also found by accident that long-pressing next to the link opens a menu that includes “Copy URL”.

Thank you for replying.

  1. That “Copy URL” thing returns an external url like obsidian://open?.., but everything I need is a link in [[url|name]] format.

  2. The menu you mentioned has an “Edit Link” button that displays the link in brackets, however when you click on the URL part of the link to edit, the brackets and the link URL are hidden. For example, create the following link and try to edit its URL part in the mobile application. Also have some long text in front of it.

bla bla bla… [[Java Class Types#Interface|Interface]]

  1. The “place the cursor right next to the link” advice is quite unpractical and annoying when using the mobile application.

Thanks to all of your team for such a great aplication :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry, I hadn’t clicked on either of the items in that menu. “Copy link” also doesn’t copy that link — it’s a link to the current note. I can’t reproduce the behavior you describe with “Edit link” but the behavior I see is awkward too (everything between the brackets in selected).

It’s hard to tap to place the cursor there, but on iOS you can drag the cursor into place (you have to press on it a little longer than tap to make it draggable but it doesn’t take as long as a long-press). I imagine Android is similar. On iOS you can also long-press the spacebar and use the keyboard as a trackpad to move it.

The app is great and I came back to it after the sync functionality was added. Thank you for that.

Now I write articles on my phone while in transport, and then add links and other stuff on my laptop.

May I hope there will be some updates that will provide a more convenient way to manipulate links or this is not taken into account in upcoming updates?

Adding options to context menu should be best solution.
I almost never leave edit view.

Workaround 1

Delete 1 bracket; left [ or right ]

Workaround 2

Add backtic ` before brackets [[


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