Please help set up a workflow akin to Facebook's wall

I am looking to set up a workflow akin to the wall on Facebook. I am not a FB user, so by the Wall I mean a page that lists recent activity and allows to add new activity (tagged and untagged). Here is my use case:

I have a primary note to which I add a subheading note (dated and titled) when I need to. I call it a Diary. It ends up looking like this:


2022.10.23 Another note title

2022.10.22 Some note title

2022.10.22 Another note title

and so on.

I find it convenient to not have to think where to add a note when I need to, and also to have access to all micro notes I add in a single page and sorted by date. I need to adapt this method to topic notes. I have a topic note (Renovations). I would like all micro notes from Diary that are related to #renovations to be automatically copied to the relevant section in the Renovations note. How can I achieve this?

The second bit is that if I am working within Renovations note, any micro notes I add within the subsection ## Diary (in Renovations) I would like to be automatically added to the Diary note. This way Diary note becomes a record of all Diary entries, both tagged and untagged.

Would appreciate any help to set this up, either with plugins or with a custom plugin. I have some programming ability (a bit rusty though).

I think QuickAdd is made for this kind of thing, though I haven’t used it:


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