Please help me: I created a right sidebar chaos

I have accidentally made a triple right sidebar and find no way to revert it.

I am absolutely new to Obsidian, but I am bold and simply try things out. So I kind of click on every button and check what it does.
This went more or less fine until I wanted to customise and/or change the content of the right sidebar. I found “split right” under “View”, and it actually created two (same) sidebars.

Things I have tried

I tried to find a way to make it one sidebar again. I searched but I found nothing. So I clicked again on “split right” in the weird hope that it might revert what I did - and now I have three sidebars (which I don’t want).
OK, I can hide them (fold them), but they are still there. I know it and it bugs me.

Yurcee, thank you for your recommendation. I forgot to mention that I work on a Mac.
However, you kind of told me, that “split right” cannot be undone, correct?
Maybe I am using wrong expressions. I am talking about the 3 columns at the right side of the screenshot. Originally, it was one.

split right can be undone, by pressing the ‘x’ as on any other tab group note

i think what you’re having right now might be the cause/bug of a new update? (i saw some hiccups about sidebars)
i’m on 1.5.12, so…

someone will sort you later

at any rate, you can still do what i told you about deleting the json…

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If you open the help menu there is a Sandbox vault which is great for doing experiments like this, and it resets when you’re done. :slight_smile:

Notes and sidebars can be split as you want to make your own layouts. You just ended up with some side splits. No problem! There is no need to completely reset your settings. (Unless you hit some bug and find these instructions below don’t work for you.)

You can simply click and drag on the icons to rearrange things. You’ll see a little coloured preview. Drag it beside the other icons in the other sidebar. Once the sidebar group is empty, it should disappear.

In this gif, I have a tab inside the middle part where notes go. But it should work for you in a split sidebar too.



Yurcee, I just deleted your first post, because going straight to deleting settings shouldn’t be the first advice you give to someone. It’s possible this is a sidebar bug, but better to figure that out first.

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yes, true

although i offered to rename it, secondly, i cautioned against any destructive method for fear of losing bookmarks, etc.

so there’s only so much you do, right

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There is no x in the sidebar. I guess it’s a bug, indeed, as this sidebar shouldn’t split at all (as far as I understand the function of it.

I tried to split the tab, and this works great (and did exactly what I was searching for: to be able to view several tabs/canvasses at once). I accidentally split the sidebar where you can sort items etc., see screenshot.

I really think it’s a bug as even the icon to toggle the right sidebar disappeared. I have to use the View command “toggle right sidebar”. Then all three fold away, and the sidebar icon appears again.

It’s not a bug. It’s a combination of too many features and too little documentation.

The Workspace has four main elements: Ribbon, Left Sidebar, Central Content Area, Right Sidebar. Each of them can be rearranged.

The Ribbon only contains icons. The Sidebars and the Central Content Area can contain multiple Tabs. It is possible to close and open and split and rearrange those Tabs. It is possible to move Tabs from one area to another.

In your case, you can move the icons around within the sidebar.

Or you can close them with a right click on the icon. (Tested with Obsidian Desktop 1.6.1.)

Edit: typos, language, shorter


I’m still making up my mind, if this is a bug or not. I find the behavior overly complex.

Why is it possible to split Backlinks but not Tags view?

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Oh I only just upgraded to 1.6.1 now and see the new split command. (Or did I just never notice it?)

I’ll guess why: Backlinks is related to an individual note. You can split tabs related to individual notes, so that you could link them to different notes.

But Tags and Files are central to the whole vault. I guess it is assumed - or only supported - to have one instance of each. (Not saying that limitation is right or wrong, that’s just my guess.)

There may be a slight bug where the sidebar icon disappears temporarily when things get crowded or moved. I haven’t been able to cause it yet.

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This pic showed me how to close the extra sidebars. I am really grateful.
And I am so, so happy.
If something isn’t working and I don’t know why… it will drive me crazy.
Thank you all very much from preventing this. :heart:

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What does containt mean?

It means that I ignored the spell-checker. :wink: The typo is fixed now.

The Help site has a GitHub (linked near the bottom of its home page), if you’d like to file an issue about the documentation.

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