Please allow to hide keyboard on mobile

Can we please get the option to unshow the keyboard pressing anywhere else on the screen?

Sometimes keyboard is occupying half the screen and you have to open menu and then go back to document, which is inefficient

Bug Reproduced on iPhone 11 iOS 15.5
Version 1.3.0(63) API v0.15.6


You can add a command to the mobile palate which hides the keyboard. I agree it would be better if it worked like other apps, though. I accidentally bring up the command palate alll the time when trying to pull down to hide the keyboard.

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My workaround currently takes one mobile quick action slot (that could be used for another thing)

But I’m grateful for the solution provided in the discord. It helps

option to unshow the keyboard pressing anywhere else on the screen

Personally, I’d find it very annoying if I were making edits on mobile and every time I tapped on the screen to move the cursor to a different position, the keyboard disappeared and I had to take an extra step to invoke it again.


You can swipe from the left or right side of the screen to open a side pane, which dismisses the keyboard. You don’t have to open it all the way — just a few millimeters does it, and then you can either let go or swipe back the other way without lifting your finger (when you let go the pane usually goes away, but if you’ve pulled it a little too far it will open). I have the keyboard button on my toolbar but mostly use this tiny-swipe method now. (On iPad this might be trickier if you have a Slide Over window open. UPDATE: It is trickier to open the right side pane with a Slide Over window open, but the Slide Over window dismisses the keyboard too. If you need the side pane, you can start the swipe farther from the edge.)

Or, if you don’t use it for anything else, you can set the Quick Action (the swipe down from top) to dismiss the keyboard. This is meant to recreate the common iOS behavior of sliding the keyboard away when you scroll down. It’s a rough approximation, tho, and feels janky in comparison. Also I think it might toggle the keyboard, which is a major difference (I might be misremembering; I used the feature for a little while but abandoned it).


As discord doesn’t have a downvote reaction: :-1:
A close keyboard button in the action bar is the best way to close IMO. Dismissing the keyboard on tap is impossible to distinguish from cursor movements where you don’t want the keyboard to disappear instantly. This suggestion would be terrible UX

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