Please allow editing of all YAML properties in Preview mode

Use case or problem

Hello all. The new 1.4.1 release of Obsidian makes it impossible to edit YAML items which are lists while in Preview mode. It “looks nicer” but is now harder to use, which in my view violates the main idea of Obsidian to take quick notes.

Clicking, double clicking, right clicking, nothing seems to allow me to do what I want. The only way to edit the “meeting” field here is to change to Raw mode.

Proposed solution

Preferably, just put Obsidian Preview mode back the way it was. Nothing was broken before. This new format seems purely just decorative and certainly makes things harder for me on a daily basis.

However, if we must use this new YAML display, then please:

  • Please don’t add or remove any characters from my file. See below for more info about this.
  • Please allow me to easily edit lists in YAML without switching to RAW.


Current workaround (optional)

Switch to Raw mode to edit YAML lists, then switch back to Preview.

Related feature requests (optional)

Obsidian is actually changing what I wrote! This is not cool. Obsidian should not add or subtract data from my files without my express knowledge in my opinion.


Ok, this is a poorly worded FR. By Preview you mean live preview.

See this: