Please add fountain and .txt file support

I alternate between apps with my writing, Obsidian for development and outlining, and Beat for note cards and screenwriting. Beat supports fountain and .txt files, neither if which Obsidian supports. It would greatly improve my work flow if we were able to add fountain or .txt files to the project vault.


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Hi there!

There’s a community plug-in for fountain files. Have a look at this one:


Thanks gardenia. I’ve used that plugin, and while it allows me to write a screenplay within Obsidian, it doesn’t allow me to open fountain files, which is what I’m looking for.

There are multiple plugins that enable opening of text files (of various kinds). I haven’t looked at them in a while, but last I knew at least one of them enabled opening any kind of text file, which would include fountain files. But as I recall none of them make Obsidian treat the files fully as notes, so they may lack autocompletion, not appear in search, etc. (the OmniSearch plugin might help with search).

1 Like seems to open fountain files (after adding the .fountain extension and restarting).

That may work with the caveats Cawlin mentioned.

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