Please add a string matching feature to the "Open note" function


I would love to see a string matching feature to the open notes function. Let me elaborate.

For example, if I want to open a note that is named “11.1 - Test Note”, and I search for 11.1, this will match other notes that have the letter 11.1 somewhere in it, for example “11 - Test note 1” would match because it incrementally searches for 11.1 somewhere in the title, instead of searching explicitly for 11.1

So I would love for the open note feature to allow me to search “11.1” in quotes, similar to how you would do a string match on Google, to tell Obsidian to only search for notes that have 11.1 in the title instead of incrementally searching.

I hope this makes sense, forgive me if the wording is confusing.

I’ve included this picture to better describe what I mean (I would like for it to not include the other notes that don’t start with 11.1):

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