Planning a new vault structure using a table

Hi folks,

Been using Obsidian for about a year and a half now and have been through multiple vault layouts. I like to experiment with different structures—especially now that I have learned how not to be stressed about it, and how to change things easily.

I thought I would share this table I built for the kinds of notes I plan to take. It’s really just been a thinking exercise, but the purposes of this have been to:

  • transition away from folders for “note type” to tags
  • remove folders altogether, and just store files in the root folder, except for templates and attachments
  • plan tags and templates ahead of time so they don’t get out of hand
  • create a file naming convention for a semblance of sorting in the root folder according to activity type and note type
  • try new things

I don’t really have a reason for trying this other than to improve my understanding of how I enjoy using Obsidian. So far it’s been worth it to think more critically about this, and creating this table has been better than making all the changes as I go.

Anywho, hope it’s helpful for somebody.