Plaintext bookmarks?

How would you approach the idea of a “plaintext bookmark”? Meaning, a future-proof plaintext/Markdown file containing the title, URL and any other available details of a web page.

Is there any such convention for this already?


  • Dragged shortcut files may no longer be readable one day.
  • I am experimenting with capturing reference material to Notion and the Raindrop bookmarks manager. They’re great, but the longevity problem is greater.


I think it would be possible for me to write a script/automation harnessing the API of either app to write the bookmark details out into plaintext files.

They could even include other fields - highlights, notes, excerpt and maybe even the original extracted text of the source article - since Raindrop and Notion can clip those. (Indeed, the source web page may no longer be available one day).

Other fields may include the bookmark collection and tags.


But how would we construct such a file in a meaningful way, one that would not only include the plaintext content but mabe have some utility in metadata, some usability inside Obsidian or similar?

Should I be looking at YAML? CSV? Maybe I sort of like the idea of opening up an individual file…


Looked at another way (the present tense rather than the future), I suppose this is sort of about creating a literature/reference note since, if I add in those other fields - highlights, notes, excerpt, content, collection, tags, date - the file is something a bit more expressive.

So is this question a crossover with the idea of an Obsidian (web) clipper? It also makes me think a little bit of flat-file/plaintext CMSes.

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