Place notes in a map

What I’m trying to do

I am studying for a nonfiction book Id like to write. Basically I need to take notes on a number of authors (which is easy enough) but I need to track their places of birth / places they described in their novels. I’d like to be able to create a map (from Rome to Paris following the ancient Roman street “Aurelia”) and see on it “signposts” signalling that in a particular place an author worked/lived etc.

Things I have tried

Nothing yet… I do have a “real” map and I am writing on it, but it would be real nice to be able to create a digital map…

I’m not entirely sure if this is the best suggestion for your use case, but there is the Leaflet plugin which allows for custom map with markers. I’ve recently used it to document various location in a Minecraft world. But I do see the documentation talking about how it can be used to track custom worlds/maps.

If you have a real map, you should be able to scan that and use as background and then insert your links on top of that map.

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Thanks so much! I’m gonna try the Leaflet plugin and scanning the real map as well and then see what works best.

i find using Map View plugin is more intuitive and logical for actual real world map.

  1. install and enable to plugin
  2. tag a note (in your case author’s note) with location property
  3. in another note, create a custom view of the map using code block (u can create it when u open the overall map, zoom in and select option “Copy Map View Code Block”)

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