Place a <br> instruction in a shortcut

What I’m trying to do

I jump a lot of lines, inside a block, I have to write manually
each time, which brings a lot of manual writing.

Would there :

  • either ideally, exist a mode or plugin that permit to jump lines ,inside a block, with « enter » key, (without having to managing the

  • or be possible to instruct
    with a shortcut, which would be a faster option to me ?

Things I have tried

I have installed below plugins:

  • Quick snippets and navigation

  • Shorcut launcher
    But either they don’t suit to it, or I have not succeed to parameter them, as both my informatic and english langage levels are low, and also I’m revising for upcoming exams, and my investment time in obsidian is also limited.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Best regards

By default, pressing Return makes a line break. If that isn’t happening, make sure Settings > Editor > “Strict line breaks” is turned off.

If you want to insert multiple line breaks without pressing Return for each one, you probably want to use a template:

If you want assign the template to a hotkey, I believe there is a community plugin that enables that.

I’m using Keyboard Maestro. When I type , it types <br>. It’s very handy indeed !

(Other “keyboard enhancers” must certainly be able to do the same.)

Hi WanlinTeffid
Would you like to try to guide me in this setting?
I have followed the help guide, which indicates to create a template folder, which I have done.
Next step is to insert a template, but I dont’ know how to build the template I need.
Best regards

Hi OliverPS

Thank you for your reply.

Same as CawlinTeffid, would you like to guide me. I have installed Keyboard Maestro, but it doesn’t type type <br> when I type as it does for your.
I have tried in a bind way many to create a shortcut with execute shell script, execute unknow automator workflow', append text to file`, etc… but I don’t realky know what’s the right way.

Thank you in advance

  1. In Obsidian’s file browser, right-click the templates folder and choose “New note”.
  2. Give the note the name you want the template to have.
  3. In the note, put the text you want (one or more <br>, I guess).

Now when you insert a template you’ll see the filename as one of the options you can choose. If it’s the only template, “Insert template” might insert it without making you choose it.

Here’s the Keyboard Maestro macro, in the editor :
CleanShot 2023-05-01@20h19m07

You see that this macro is an Obsidian group. I don’t necessarily want to do the same in every app I’m using.

Great, it works.
Thank you for your reply.

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