PKM workflow with PARA variation and discussion about permanent notes/documents

Hello everybody! I started using Obsidian recently after my personal research through various note-taking applications (Onenote, Word, Notion, and others).
I really like this app’s features and I think I can use it to take a step further in my note-taking workflow.

I studied the P.A.R.A system and I developed my personal “branch” from it:

  • Projects: Active projects or exams. For this folder, I use the zettelkasten notes only to track my work.
  • Area: “Humanistic” skills and self-development (For example: Music, Arts,…)
  • Resources: “Scientific” skills (For example: Python, Flutter, Linear Algebra, …)
  • Unsorted: Folder used as an entry point for Area or Resources (The project workflow its different). Here I create the notes using the plug-in “Create new ZettelKasten note” and after reaching a “mental squeeze point” on a subject I create a MOC in order to create a persistent note, after this I put the MOC and its linked notes in a folder under one of the two mentioned before.

The workflow I imagined is:

graph TD

 A[My Brain] --> |Add notes with Zettlekasten| B[Unsorted]

 B --> |Mental squeeze point| C{MOC}

 C -->|Humanistic topic| D[Area]

 C -->|Scientific topic| E[Resources]

I also defined my usage of tags, links, and folders:

  • folders: Used to contain the MOC and the notes correlated

  • links: Link between notes if it is used the knowledge in it (for example: In the note “How to define tests for my application” a could link the “pytest” note or its paragraph)

  • tags: The backbone of my idea since I don’t want folders in folders in folders… I decided to have only the Resources folder and ArgumentFolder:

    Old way: Resources/Software/Python/Pytest
    New way: Resources/Pytest

    And the folders Software and Python will become tags in the MOC of the argument


I think this is a good starting point but I think this workflow has its flaws, for example:

Not enough experience

I have too few notes in order to understand if the folders/tags/links combo can work

Long term notes

At the moment the MOC is treated as an index of a book that is about the argument I’m trying to explain/study and the permanent notes are just paragraphs of this book

this approach has good and bad sides:
I can use the graph to study and see the links between the various topics of an argument (MOC Python → Lists, Tuple, Functions, Class, etc…)

I would like to have a SINGLE document with all the paragraph knowledge in it (writings, graphs, diagrams, and images)

I tried to use the embedded notes system but at the moment it doesn’t seem to work properly.
I also tried to use pandoc export to create a PDF document but let’s say it didn’t produce the expected results (certainly I didn’t spend enough time learning how to use the tool)

I have a lot to study in order to understand Obsidian and all its tools but I’m thrilled about this journey!
I hope I have explained my ideas and current problems (I’m not a native English speaker so I might have made some mistakes) and I would like to see your suggestion and exchange some ideas.

Thank you very much for your time!