PKM Philosophy

I propose a thread for discussing the philosophy behind our PKM system. This is a means to learn from one another. And by writing about it, we clarify it for ourselves.

The primary building-blocks of my PKM system are Obsidian and Logseq. The future-proof markdown format is for me essential. I thought about also exploring Notion at some point, but Simplicity (one of my core values) prevailed – I want to use as few tools as possible. I chose to also use Logseq besides Obsidian because I enjoy the experience of using it and because it’s open-source.

In terms of function, for me, Obsidian and Logseq complement one another:

  • Obsidian is my practical playground. (Active, 20% of the information, Output focus)

  • Logseq is the storage/archive. (Passive, 80% of the information, Input focus)

I used to have everything in Obsidian, but I felt the need to separate them. Having too much information adds clutter. When I visit Obsidian, I want to see only what’s essential. (I think filtering the information is an important aspect of Wisdom.)

For me, Obsidian is an important component of my Learning / Teaching System. Its primary purpose is writing (developing my ideas) and learning by teaching.

  • I want every single page in Obsidian (and every node on the graph) to be meaningful and high-leverage.
  • I want every single page in Obsidian to have practical application. (The Practical is one of my macro life-filters.)
  • I want every single page in Obsidian to be a practical handbook, something I can use to teach the content to someone else (and potentially turn into courses in the future). (At some point, I’ll make all my knowledge available to the world through Obsidian Publish.)
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Interesting! How do you seperate folders between Logseq and Obsidian? Do you let Obsidian have as its vault a subfolder of Logseq?

I use them separately. In Obsidian I like to have the content more spaced out.

In Logseq:

  • Section
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3

In Obsidian:


  • Item 1

  • Item 2

  • Item 3

(One empty row between items)

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Could it be an idea to use Logseq as the daily notetaking software (daily notes, work, literarure notes) and then have it as a sub-folder in Obsidian which is used for the well-written/permanent notes? Just a thought of a new workflow I might start to use. The thing is that I have to get used to not using folders which I have been doing in Obsidian.