PKM How did you organize different level of interpretation and limit interconnection


Quite new to obsidian I have tried to find an answer to my question on the forum, but I didn’t manage to find a specific iteration of what I was looking for.

As far as I understood Zettelkasten method can be roughly summarized as:

3 Types of Notes:


Everyday thoughts


While consuming content

->3 Common rules:
1.One atomic idea per note.
2.Redescribed in our own word.
3.Track your references.


Fixed fleeting and literature notes

->3 Common rules:

  1. One atomic idea per note
  2. Should be understood whitout context
  3. Connected with other notes

Which, for me, already ask several questions, such as why fundamentally differentiate literature notes, from fleeting notes and why shouldn’t we try to track fleeting note sources?

After a note become permanent, how did you track means and the possibility, like every note didn’t have the same “weight” in our reality or for the reality that we tend to share with other.

How did you manage to have a limitation in interconnection to respect Epistemology prescription, cause some thoughts or connections could be dangerous, like for example applying formal science to social science could have disastrous results.

And overall how did you keep your system sanitize and keeping a critical point of view of where the data come from, how should they be considered, how to keep a meta point of view on the whole system while digging into it.

Cause I do have the personal belief that every system try to stay alive and making sub-process, and more a system is develop more it’s hard to break it and to keep a critical point of view on it.

Does some of you already have covered these ideas and have found workflow using, link, tag, weighted node or some other solutions to overcome those issues?

Or maybe aren’t you just facing those issues cause your thoughts and inputs have already quite fixed place at beginning?

I am very sorry if those questions seem off topic or if you feel like they have already been covered thousands of times and I just didn’t manage to found them.

Feel free to link me a topic if you feel like these are just some kind of duplicate.

Thanks for reading,

Wishing you a wonderful day